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Defender of the Candy

2.4for Android


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The description of Defender of the Candy

I want to get rid of the mice that lived in the house.
It is a tower defense like game.

You can capture all the mouse than saying that the defender, protect the candy is the game you want.

After you have set a trap, just looking at Bo Innovation.

In fact, the rats I was out in my house.
However, I could not quite catch even set a trap.
So I made a simulator that I am this mousetrap...

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Defender of the Candy 2.4 Update

Publish Date: 2018-07-26

Minor bug fixes.

Modified to move the application to the SD card.
Minor bug fixes.

Caught a mouse in the time necessary, change it to the end even though the extra time instant.
I've changed the look of the [BUY] button and the [USE].

Fixed a bug in the route check

Modify the game balance

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