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The description of BRAIN CRUSH

Beware!! Once you pop, you can't stop!

Free Addictive Concentration Game
Brain Crush is a platform to improve essential cognitive skills like memory, attention, visual perception, flexibility, problem-solving and processing speed.

In Brain Crush, the user will be given to evaluating an expression and a probable answer will also be shown on the screen.
The user needs to play well and will have to decide whether it's right or wrong, by clicking appropriate right or wrong button.
If a user clicks right button, then another expression comes up until user keeps on clicking the right button and timer will start from a number and will decrease to zero.
If either the timer reaches zero or the user clicks wrong button game is over.
The user needs to make smart decisions by concentrating on the numbers and the sum.

Concentration Game starts by showing different difficulty levels.
upon completion of a level, users reach next level.the game ends when the user selects the wrong answer.

In this game, with each level introduction of new operators is done.
In this game, the position of right and wrong buttons will be swapped after some random intervals in alternate level.
In this game,the timer will keep decreasing with increasing levels and successive range of right answers.
The timer is most important and needs to be taken care of.
The user should exercise brain and check the timer during doing calculations.

Do you want to have an excellent memory? If your answer yes, then our this game is a nice way for the exercise of the brain and increase memory power.
You can train the memory.You can increase your memory power.You can increase your learning power. You will increase your ability to remembering. This app contains brain exercise for study.
Concentration power gets improved by playing this game.

Brain Crush will enhance your presence of mind
Brain Crush will increase concentration power

It helps you to pay attention thus enhancing your multitasking ability.
It is a perfect attention game that helps you perceive elements of your surroundings very accurately and quickly.
It enhances your spatial memory and enhances your ability to recall an object’s location.

Visual discrimination : It helps you in making your brain capable of ignoring the redundant data and at the same time taking up the required data.
Visual relation: It helps you to process information in visual form more easily and efficiently.
Response inhibition: It enhances your mental flexibility especially in touch and goes decision-making situation.

Match it Pro: Response inhibition
Test your mental flexibility at extreme levels.

Reversal: Task switching
It helps you in improving your cognitive control by enhancing your ability of shifting tasks.

Reversal Pro: Task switching
Become a master in shifting task. Go Pro!!

It is a game which helps to increase your numerical calculation skills.
It helps you in decision making with respect to quantitative data efficiently.
It increases your processing speed in small decision making thus increasing your overall efficiency.
It increases the information processing speed of your brain.
It increases the information processing speed of your brain.
It helps you to enhance your reflex action via increasing the processing speed of your brain.

Brain Exercises :
Brain Crush contains various weird cool exercises that increase the response memory power of the brain.

Brain Diet
Brain Crush contains various food item that strengthens the brain functions, improves blood supply, helps to restore the energy of red blood cells etc.

Brain Fun Facts :
It contains various facts related to brain
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BRAIN CRUSH 1.0 Update

Publish Date: 2018-08-03

Bug Fixes !!<br>Added the Field to Earn Real Cash<br>Added the Food Section that improves concentration, increases happiness<br>Added the Exercise Section that strengthens the memory
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