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The description of GUN STRIKE WAR

Gun Strike War is a 3D TPS (Third Person Shooter) covert counter strike game in which you are given a special task as a Spy Agent to enter the base and destroy the enemy alliance.
Gun Strike War is a covert strike mission in which the soldier is on a shooting adventure. This is a mission against revolt; the terrorists are against the army and want to create anarchy in the country. You are a brave agent of the army forces and well trained for stealth ops counter strike assault against the enemy alliance. You are given modern weapons for the assault and to destroy the enemy alliance. The success of the stealth ops assault completely depends on the strategy of the shooter that how you use the skills of the shooter skilled for counter strike attacks.

Gun Strike War 3D is an action packed game in which the spy agent is send to the enemy lines to complete the covert strike mission. It gives you 3D rendered HD Graphics and an addictive game play which provides you a chance to step in the boots of a spy agent and a brave shooter ready for the counter strike assault against the enemies. Good Luck Agent, It’s your time to run the show!
Gun Strike War offers you:
- Realistic TPS (First Person Shooter) controller
- Mesmerizing 3D Military camp environment
- Realistic military operation with tanks, helicopters, jets and trucks
- Enemy characters with unique attack, defense characteristics and AI-
- Efficient weapon controls & movement.
How to play:
- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon
- Use the joystick to move your character
- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault
- Use the scope button to aim closer

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Publish Date: 2018-03-23

-New features added
-Game play improved
-Controls improved
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