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Wild West Survival Shooting Game

1.0.4for Android

Hyperloop Games

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The description of Wild West Survival Shooting Game

The Wild West town is in danger. You are the survivor and the sheriff of the city. It is your responsibility to free your city from the gangsters and the bad guys out there. So saddle up on your horse, load your gun and get ready to fight the criminals. In this Wild West Survival Shooting game you are a cowboy with your horse. Get the gun and weapons ready and show your fighting skills. The game gets interesting as you shoot down the looters. It is the survival of the fittest.

The country side of the Wild West is disturbed due to the most wanted criminals and bandits. Your task is to save your town people from them. Fight for justice and freedom. Take a ride on your horseback, find the outlaws and shoot them. You have to be very careful during the shooting and fight as you or your horse can get hurt. Riding a horse is
no joke. Use your hose riding skills. Follow the directions given to you. You will reach your destination by following them. This Wild West Survival Shooting game is full of adventure for people who love to fight and use guns, rifles and bullets. You will learn to aim at your target. In this action packed game, take the fittest horse from the stable, load your gun and rifle, find the gangsters and start shooting. The barren land is filled with dry mountains, desert and bandits. Explore the area, find your enemies and nip the evil in the bud. You have to be brave enough to fight with them. Be an expert in aiming and shooting.

In the town of the Wild West the robbers are creating fear in the people. They take the advantage of the night and lurk in the dark. They are looting the town people and doing illegal activities. People are scared and leaving the town. The place is mostly abandoned because of them. So it is easy to find the thugs hidden in the town. Fight for your town and your people. You are the armored cowboy and the sheriff of the town. You are the only hope of your people. Win the battle with the gunslingers. You can earn money by shooting them and use that money to buy and upgrade your weapons.

In this game high quality 3D graphics are used with superb fighting and shooting sound effects.You have multiple missions to complete, variety of weapons to use such as guns and rifles. The game has easy controls with directions given to follow and find the criminals .Coins can be earned by completing the tasks and then they can be used for up-gradation of the weapons.

Download today this Wild West Survival Shooting game. Aim at the target and shoot.
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