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Strike Behind Enemy Lines

2.4for Android


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The description of Strike Behind Enemy Lines

What is the Combat Army Adventure Shooting game, how does it work?

According to the introduction of GamesPlus, Combat Army Adventure Shooting is a Action game on the Android platform. There is currently a 2.3 version released on Feb 22, 2017, you can see the details below.

A commando front line navigator spy is shot down over enemy soldiers and is injured, kept in a desert enemy military base behind enemy lines.Real Army Strike Behind Enemy
Want to play as Elite Assassin commando or as American sniper Elite spy Mission. This amazing fps shooting game is specially designed for mobile shooting game lovers. Want to shoot real guns? Then come this amazing action pack fps commando stealth shooting game is best of modern warfare spy games. You will feel like a war hero and really like this game among all Modern warfare games. Special OPS Commando is assigned different stealth objectives full of action and warfare thrill. Your target is enemy frontier. It is a first person experience with a fight against enemy soldiers. Kill them in stealth within their homeland. Your enemies are some terrorist organization’s soldiers equipped with a wide range on modern weapons. Identify the location and eliminate all enemies. Be always ready to attack. Enemy is alert, so be careful while walking forward for the death combat. You should be ready for the brave stand against this army soldiers. This Commando Conflict bases on real time stealth and shooting in army territory. You can use real weapons from armory with modern shooting effects. Spy and Aim your target enemy and assassinate with your sniper shooting gun or Rapid Fire Rifle. Play as rescue mission as well fury combat missions. Stay low and kill in stealth mode undetected. In this; do or die situation, use your commando skills to combat the armed men & eliminate the resistance with strength. This is the battle of heroes come on and let finish enemies for the honor and glory.
You mission target is behind enemy lines, you better aware about the brutal enemy snipers and civil outlaw contract killers. Kill them and rescue the hostages and help your brothers escape prison.
Make best use of your entire courage and gorilla commando training. Remember chief adventure and his tactics throughout this mission. This survival quest is a continuous open courage challenge among all shooting Modern warfare games.
It is an amazing action pack fps commando shooting game based on modern warfare games. Enemy soldiers are very clever in gorilla war. You are assigned different objectives full of action and warfare thrill. Your target is enemy frontier. They are equipped with AK 47 rifles. AK 47 is semi and fully automatic brushed assault rifle/gun. Many soldiers are equipped with sniper gun. Sniper shooter can kill you as you caught in sight. Destroy all vehicles of enemy army and shoot every single enemy army commando adventures. Aim your target enemy and assassinate with your sniper shooting gun or Rapid Fire Rifle. Guards on army post are very dangerous marksman. Their guns are equipped with night vision telescope. So first try to shoot dead those marksman and snipers.
In special ops commando kill enemies of their place of origin. It's miles a commando war bases on actual time shooting in army territory. Use real weapons from armory with modern shooting consequences. Play rescue mission as nicely fury fight missions.
Joystick and touchpad controls for best gaming experience, you can use joystick and can change to touch drag pad in settings in next version. FPS free roam action in stunning environments, Objective based missions for an intriguing gameplay experience.
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Strike Behind Enemy Lines 2.4 Update

Publish Date: 2020-03-31

What's new in version 2.3 New re-engineered version with good controls, achievements, better game-play and new weapons added.
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