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Alien Strike 3D Space Fighter

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The description of Alien Strike 3D Space Fighter

Experience the game that changed the FPS genre forever. Match up against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in the world's first virtual reality aliens shooting range!

*It features a unique action-oriented gameplay that appeals to casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike. *Listen to the rich and eerie atmospheric music that will make your screen toil, make your adrenaline flow and your heartbeat pumping faster, enhanced to immerse you in the game! Feel like an elite and decorated captain commanding your units.

*Earn and collect coins to purchase implants, upgrade armor and accessories like flashlights, night vision and drones to improve your survival chances. Buy bigger and better weapons to fight and blast your way through the hostile extraterrestrial forces!

*Choose between the male and female hero and experience a different strategy to play! Choose the best class you want and get into orbit fast and start the counter attack!

*Play the game with what is most comfortable to you- using the virtual joysticks, using the touchscreen, or both, whichever works best to defeat the Boss!

*Become a robot killing machine putting down enemies that try to cross your path. Keep shooting until you wipe them out!

*This game is a great addition to the science-fiction genre, science-fiction lovers must try this game.
*It has something to offer to everyone, whether you're a role playing addict, fps fan, or action arcade style oriented, this game is a must-try.

So now what registers in your mind when you hear the word alien? UFO, green, abducted? Here is a wonderful and great game that gives a lot more action to the rare encounters and lets you explore the unfamiliar world! This Shooter game has captured millions of gamers. It brings nostalgia, great memories of childhood, which makes it a lot more enjoyable and fun. Play it for old time's sake, only this time it is much more good-looking and way better than before on the PC! Since it is available on the Play Store version,

it is also a portable game and you can pick up your phone or tablet and play this entertaining game anytime! It's filled with fun and action packed levels and Boss. This is a pretty simple game, anyone can learn the trick, it's easy to learn and no one's too busy to have fun.

You can do a lot of action in a short time. Casual in a sense that you just go on with the levels, play any time you wish one level at a time. Dedicating time for play is not necessary, though you can easily lose track of time one you start trekking this great space adventure! What are you waiting for now?

Download this awesome game and lose hours of your life to win the war against the enemy hordes! Try it now and you surely will not be disappointed.

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Alien Strike 3D Space Fighter 2 Update

Publish Date: 2018-03-30

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