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Glitter Coffee

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Crazy Camp Media

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The description of Glitter Coffee

Everyone loves coffee in winter. Why drink boring normal coffee when you can drink sparkly and glittery coffee? Now it’s the time. Here comes the most trendy Glitter Coffee. So many bling-bling glitter coffee to make. Wow, can not help trying right now.

Make your own brand glitter coffee!! Create sweet coffee with various types of glitter,ice cream and espresso... You can be the most trendy glitter coffee maker right now to design and make your own a cup of glitter coffee.
Let’s start from grinding the coffee beans, turn on the machine, Be careful not to make the bean powder spill. Nice work.
Now, the most wonderful step, so many glitter to choose from. Look at those sparkly ones, choose one you like first.
Add the Coffee powder and the water together to the coffee machine. All you need to do now is just press the button. Wow~ we have the glitter coffee. Look, so colorful and beautiful. Breath! You can smell it. So yummy.
Can't wait to taste? No, just hold a minute. Pick a beautiful glitter mug for your coffee, There are so many glitter mug to choose from and pick a dessert to go with your glitter coffee. You are the best designer ever.
Don't Forget to take a photo to show off:) You are the most popular guy ever!
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