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Zombie Apocalypse. Survival in the city of zombies

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The description of Zombie Apocalypse. Survival in the city of zombies

Zombie maze is a third-person game about the zombie Apocalypse.
A passing game.
You can play without the Internet.

The rules of the game are simple, you need to go through the mazes to escape from the city filled with zombies. In the mazes you will be waiting for zombies, which you can not touch. You have the only weapon against them, it's fast feet and savvy.

This game about zombies consists not only of mazes. On some levels, you will encounter these monsters in closed, small spaces, you will have to solve the puzzle of how and where to move, how to close the passage with objects surrounding you, to avoid contact with zombies. Survival depends on your ingenuity.

This game features different types of zombies:
- The first kind just runs sluggishly after you, it is dangerous only in the narrow places of the maze.
- The second type is the most dangerous, because it moves faster than you. It is impossible to escape from this type of zombie in a straight line. The player will have to deceive these zombies, using ingenuity.
- The third type, the most passive, the zombies just stand in the most inappropriate places and you will have to somehow avoid them, so as not to touch.
- The fourth type of zombie is the most cunning, they pretend to stand still, and only when you approach a short distance, they suddenly rush at you. Be careful.

The game will take place on the streets and inside houses and on roofs. Between the mazes will be presented levels in which you just have to run away from the zombies on the street. You will need to understand what principle these creatures are moving to escape from them, because as mentioned above, some zombies are much faster than you, and if they have already noticed you, there will be no salvation.

The first level is a three-way intersection. In one direction, you start the game on the passage. In the other two directions, you will find levels in the rooms and on the roofs. These are training levels that will allow you to complete the game faster and better.

Character management:
- in the lower left corner is a cross in the form of a joystick, designed to move the character around the game.
- there are two arrows in the right corner to rotate the player's camera to the right and left.
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Zombie Apocalypse. Survival in the city of zombies 6.1 Update

Publish Date: 2021-03-02

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