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The description of Into The Zombie Dead Land Zombie Shooting Games

Into The Zombie Dead Land Is a Popular Zombie Shooting Game اطلاق النار غيبوبة - عمل الالعاب In this Zombie games There is a bio-hazard バイオハザード bloody virus spread into the hospital while some scientists doing research on a cure for the disease of a person in Zombie Shooting - Экшн-игры. When they test that particular aftermath medicine on one of the human being person turns into deadly zombie and start biting and eating scientist. The scientist bites and eat other one and so on.

Now whole hospital turns into zombieland security forces took actions and sealed the hospital, but no one is ready to go inside the zombiebooth hospital and kill all the zombies to end up this pub virus spreading into the city.

This task assign to you now you have to end this up to save the city from apocalypse as you are a brave Army commando. You are the last hope of the human's of this city.

Walk into hospital and save humans and stop this deadly virus spreading into the whole city and be a Evil Hunter, take headshots, and bang and zombiesmash like a wildfire.

Operation squad team will monitor you through satellite and help you completing your task.

Higher authorities will provide you modern weapons and other things you need to complete this"tni " task by killing stupid, wicked zombies.

Choose " caro " Modern " arma " guns like AK47,M4, M249, Pistol, grenade, machine gun, shotgun, bowmaster, jetpack, joyride, Sniper ,Bomberman, and more according to you need and press trigger and kill zombies like a lightspeed be a mayhem fortnight hero by taking solid shots.

You will be providing with the zombies detection system through which you will see the zombies location on zombie road or in a zombie hospital residence. If zombies are around you, you can see them in the zombie’s detection system and shoot them to death and slaughter them there will also be a zombiess archery system " bolsa " dead trigger zombie shooter game.

You will be providing with the food of one day and ammo as this task took you one day to clean the hunted hospital it will be battlezone zday for you finish this undead creature in this fps Into the zombie dead land zombie killing mobile game " jogo " and fill your zombie diary journey.

We will send you Team of US army soldiers on your demand, if you need extra commando soldiers for cover fire be a boss and guide them fro killing " boliche " tsunami of zombies and how to save from getting infect bite from zombies horde.

US Army gunship Helicopters and Sniper commando will be ready for in case of any emergency situation to handle through air strike zombie killing dead target.

If you feel unsafe or zombies are more in numbers if there is tsunami of zombies let us know we will send you the fighter jets to destroy the hunted place and kill into the dead land of zombies evil.

If you need any other help “Anna ros” will be there for you, you can ask " eam " your crimepatner 彼女 Anna for anything you need to complete this operation.

If there will be any other update according to the virus team will inform " megu "" loala " you about update stay connected through wireless network with the operation team.


* Be a Zombies Hunter.

* Zombie sniperr hunter hunting through Sniper.

* Zombie Machine Gun for overkill hunting.

* Take Headshots

* ShotGun

* Unstoppable Zombies

* Hunted hospital envoirnment.

* Dozens of Weapons to upgrade.

* Lot of New Missions To Unlock.

* Dead zombies warfare.

* Impressive marvelous Apocalypse sniping survival mission.

* Rambo resident counter assault

For Russian Players:

Into the Zombie Dead Land - популярная игра-стрелялка для зомби. В этой игре про зомби в больницу распространяется кровавый вирус, в то время как некоторые ученые проводят исследования по лечению этой болезни. Когда они проверяют определенное лекарство на одном из людей, он превращается в
Смертельный зомби и ученый начинает кусаться. Ученый кусает другого и так далее.

Install and enjoy free zombie game.
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