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Navy warship attack, a No.1 FPS (first person shooting) 3D action warship battle game where you required to kill enemies of naval warfare and secure our military warship fleet, the mission is to shoot enemies and get control of navy warship in this navy warship fps sniper shooting action 3D game. Navy warship attack, a battleship fps shooting game with several types of military warship, paratrooper commando, gunship helicopters, war jets and battle copters, In short, it's a war of warships.
An enemy warship has been detected near the military battleship, so commando let’s battle it out and make our military warship safe again. You need a protected spot against the Naval fleet of enemy and what could be better than Gunship Apache helicopter. Be a brave Navy commando, play as a leading frontline navy commando and shoot all enemies in naval warfare to win this war of warships. Navy warship attack, an fps action packed naval warship game in which you have to devastate enemy battleship to save our military naval fleet. Navy Warship Attack, a free fps (first person shooting) action game, all about shooting in navy warship.
Your navy battle mission, take charge on enemies warship fleet of powerful and varied naval warship. Enemies with their navy warships, attacked on Battleship and using it against our military warship. Enemies commando equipped with weapons and armor, they carried heavy automatic weapons, AK 47, mp5 gun, SMG (Submachine gun) using these weapons enemies attack our navy warships. There are enemies invasion near our naval warship, your mission, check and destroy enemy warship. It is a finest Shooting game ever regarding Navy warship.
Shoot the Navy battleship with your fps shooting skills with the help of a flying gunship Apache helicopter. Navy warship attack, a navy battleship fps shooting game. You are in a war of warships, it’s an ultimate naval warfare with fleets of enemies firing missiles at you. Navy warship attack is eventual fps shooting action game having advanced weapons or different battlefield is now on your Android phones. Navy Warship Attack, it’s a warship flied frontline enemies navy fps shooting game.

Main Key Features
* 3D FPS (First Person Shooting) action game.
* Terrible & High Definition Sound effects.
* Realistic and sensible 3D graphics of this action game.
* Responsive GUI with easy controls.
* 3D crafted naval battleship graphics.
* Limited ammunition.
* Multiple modern fps shooting weapons.
* Efficient Sea Environment with naval fleet around.
* 3D made Naval warfare design.
* Smooth physics, HD rendering amazing killing impacts.

By AR Ideal Games
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