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Calendars of the World - Free

1.1for Android

Nabil Stendardo

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The description of Calendars of the World - Free

This version is free of cost and ad-supported. If you like this application, and consider the displayed ads to be uninteresting to you, you are welcome to buy the pro version (which has no extra functionality).

Calendars of the World is an application which allows you to view the world through the eyes of different people using their calendar. Most people around the world use the Gregorian calendar for their daily activities, but there are a lot of other calendars in the world. Those currently implemented in this application are:

- Gregorian Calendar
- Julian Calendar
- Hebrew Calendar
- Indian Civil Calendar
- Islamic (Hijri) Lunar Calendar
- Persian Calendar
- Bahá'í Calendar

In addition, this appication supports the display of certain yearly events (which you can toggle on/off as options):

- Religious events (enabled by default): Western Christian, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Muslim (including Shia events as an option), Bahá'í
- Civil events common to many nations (Gregorian New Year, International Workers Day, etc.)
- Events common to many nations in geographical regions (European and American continents)
- Nation-specific events (includes most of the nations of the world, as well as some autonomous territories such as Quebec, Hong Kong, Macau and Greenland).

Also, many events from different cultures have not been included because they are dependent on a calendar I have not yet implemented (some even use a different calendar in different regions). If you wish for me to implement them, I would need a proper algorithm or conversion procedure that is valid for historical dates. Note that my common basis is not the Gregorian Calendar, but rather the Julian Day Count (not to be confused with the Julian calendar).

I developed this application in my free time, and it took many months to complete (there will always be some quirks that I would want to fix, expect updates on an irregular basis). If you like this application, please let me know.
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Calendars of the World - Free 1.1 Update

Publish Date: 2018-07-27

- Added new (astronomical) implementation of Bahá'í Calendar and associated events, as is used by the Bahá'í world starting from 21 March 2015 (172BE). Dates previous to that still use the old (gregorian-based) system.

- Removed support for android versions < 3.2 (it was very hard to maintain)

- Switched to new version of AdMob

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